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Featured Providers

  • 968 plans

Airalo is the world’s first eSIM store for travellers to access over 100 eSIMs at the most affordable, local rates.

  • 19 plans

Airhub provides travellers over 250 eSIMs at the cheapest rates world over for all kinds of devices including smartphones, tablets or a PC. With Airhub you can get eSIM Data packs and mobile numbers for instant connectivity allowing you to stay connected with your family and friends at local rates.



  • 3 plans

eSIM2Fly is an affordable and accessible travel eSIM provider from Thailand, and one of the first eSIM providers in Asia.

  • 521 plans

ESIMPLUS, from Tsim Tech Co. in Hong Kong, offers international travellers high quality, low cost internet services for 160+ countries worldwide

FLEXIROAM is a leading Malaysia-based global mobile data provider offering travellers competitive roaming rates to stay connected.

  • 4 plans

GIGAGO offers high speed data and voice eSIMs for Vietnam, with 24/7/365 support by email, Hotline and WhatsApp!

  • 34 plans

📱eSIM for Instant Connectivity! The perfect solution that works 📍locally and 🌎 globally. No SIM Cards, No Contracts.

  • 702 plans

Nomad provides prepaid mobile connectivity service, bringing convenient, fast and reliable service to travelers at an affordable price point. Nomad offers international data plans in 170+ destinations via eSIM.

  • 297 plans

Ubigi (a subsidiary of leading Japanese Telco NTT) offers mobile internet connectivity in 190+ destinations with a wide range of competitive data plans for eSIM-enabled smartphones, tablets and laptops. 5G available in 20+ destinations at no additional cost!